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In The Company of Newfies by Rhoda Lerman


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We have always felt that readers are the most important reviewers since they are the ones who put their money on the table for the book.  And when they take the time to write to us, that means they really loved the book.  We have put together some of the comments what we have received.  Space limitations prohibits us from putting all of them here, but this sampling is typical of what people have been saying about the book



"I was so moved by Rhoda's ability to draw readers to actually feel such emotion with her beloved Newfies, especially Ben."
          - Susanne (soozeeq50)

"It has taken me over a year to write you. I felt like I was reliving my life as I read "In the Company of Newfies". It was a wonderful feeling, and I thank you a hundred times for that. I also must come free and tell you I still have not been able to finish the book. I have had it sitting by my bedside for over a year and I just cannot bring myself to let Ben go.
          - Andrea Turner-Cook, St. Cloud, FL

"Most moving book about animals I have ever read”
          - Lisa Willis Gorge Dog Pet Boutique, Hood River, OR

 “Of all the Newf books I’ve read this one gave me the clearest picture of the Newf soul and led me to my (dog) Suzy…thank you so much for re-releasing it.”
          - Yvonne Neisen, Bluffdale, UT

 “It wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed Rhoda’s book. Like everyone said, it was very hard to put down”
          - Lynn Nuss, Cold Spring Harbor, NY

“What a wonderful book. Thanks…for re-releasing this gift of a book.”
          - Stacy Johnston, North Wales, PA

“Thank you for writing such a compelling book. I couldn’t put it down to make dinner. Luckily my husband is very easy going.”
          - Nancy Mailman, Baltimore, MD
“What a wonderful book. This book warmed me…need tissues on hand with laughing out loud moments. Thank you for writing this piece of poetry. Many thanks for re-issuing it. A book to treasure forever.”
          - Elizabeth, Montana
“I just am thrilled to death to be able to get a copy of Rhoda’s book. I am settling down to read the book I have been wanting for so long.”
          - Jane Kasten, Leawood, KS
“I liked the last page of puppy piles.”
          - Patty Weldon, Farmingdale, NY
“I recently just finished reading it. You are an incredible writer. I laughed and cried. I truly enjoyed the book and have been recommending it to everyone I know that has a dog in their life.”
          - Elyse Ulino
“I LOVED the book. It is a true treasure. It spoke to me. I admired Rhoda’s commitment to her dogs which created the strong bond to her furry friends.”
          - Elizabeth Esser, Anthem, AZ
“It’s here! It’s so beautiful! Thank you! Wow!”
          - Dorothy Carswell, Ft. Washington, MD
“I want to tell you how indescribably moved I was by your book. Each page of description is breathtaking. Thank you for the intimate look into the great love, emotion, energy and time that goes into helping a dam with her litter. Thank you again for your deeply beautiful book. I finished reading it yesterday and will begin again tonight."
          - Bonnie Carey
“I just finished reading In the Company of Newfies and I cannot tell you how much it meant to me. Your book was mentioned on several breeder’s websites as recommended reading and indeed it should be! Too rarely these days do people make a deep emotional connection to the stories they read, but surely I have in yours. Thank you, thank you!”
          - Jennifer Bostwick, Westerville, OH
“MANY thanks to you for so eloquently capturing what it is to live with/learn from/love dogs! I own and breed Tibetan Spaniels, yet your book remains my favorite dog book ever…it’s the only one that comes close to explaining all the ‘whys’ (of raising dogs). As a non-Newfie breeder, I loved this book!! The connections between dogs and their people were articulated beautifully…they sum up how I feel about my dogs! Reading about Ben’s legacy reminds us that the pain of loss will one day ease when we have the courage to love another dog, even though we know we will lose that love too. I have always felt that this book is NOT just about breeding; it is about the way human lives change when we allow ourselves to become ‘family’ with our animals. This kind of ‘family’ is what I hope for all my puppies and their new people. It will top my list of recommended reading for my puppy homes.”
          - Kelly Kerns, Antelope, CA
 “Thanks for bringing out the book again.”
          - Pat Pingry, Nashville, TN
“I just finished reading your book. It was wonderful.”
          - Dianna Bellschmidt, Canada
“I just wanted to tell you that I read your book last weekend. It is wonderful.”
          - Gloria Frick (breeder of Springer Spaniels, Beagles and Manchester Terriers),
          Pittsburgh, PA
“I started reading the book at 12:06 and looked up at 6:03 when I had finished it!!! It was a special time. I have started to tell my puppy owners already. Rhoda is able to put into words what I understand and feel the breed to be.”
          - Fiona Hartley, New Zealand
“It is beautifully written.”
          - Valerie Comparetta, North Augusta, SC
“I truly feel like I met each one of your dogs. I loved your story about Pippa…and of course feel I know her.”
          - Linda Lingeman, Fairfield, CA
“I have been wanting the book for the longest time. I love the book. I wish it could have (gone) on. Please convey to Rhoda what a brilliantly talented writer I think she is. Thank you again for the book.”
          - Robin Shirley, Culloden, WV
“I absolutely loved your book, and I read it before it became popular. I cherish the copy I have. I have even gone back and read it again and again. You are a wonderful author, and I hope to have a BEN one day to cherish myself.”
          - Tina Bulka
“The book arrived last Saturday morning and I had finished it by lunchtime. I have never read anything so inspirational. (I) thank you for letting me know it’s ok to love my dog the way I always felt I should and for teaching me to listen to him.”
          - Leisel Lindsay (England)
“Just wanted to send a quick ‘thank you’ for allowing us to share a portion of your family’s life in your book. My wife and I were deeply touched by your work. We laughed, cried, rejoiced and felt sorry with the turning of the pages. There were many occasions when I would read a passage from your book and laugh out loud and turn my head to Matilda (our Newf), having seen the exact behavior hundreds of times before.”
          - Mike Molinsky
“I couldn’t put the book down. I finished (it) this afternoon. Of course, I cried. You write beautifully. You have helped me understand my girl’s actions as well as my own responses. From emotionally draining to emotionally uplifting, I devoured your book. The reviews didn’t prepare me for the tremendous impact your book generated.”
          - Naomi Young Meyer, Mt. Laurel, NJ
“When the book came to an end, I wanted more. I still want more.”
          - a reader from Lancaster, PA – from Amazon.com
“I was never so moved as when I read this book...recommending (it) to everyone, even if they don’t own a Newfie.”
          - a reader from New York – from Amazon.com
“It is lyrical and mesmerizing, beautiful and sad. This is a great book.”
          - a reader – from Amazon.com
“In the Company of Newfies is my all time favorite book.”
          - Mary Milton, LaJolla, CA
“It’s a delightful and heartfelt book. A true treasure.”
          - Kim Boyle, Swanzey, NH
“It is beautifully written about a beautiful subject by an obviously beautiful person. There are so many truths contained in this book. You are on the verge of tears on one page and three pages later, convulsing with laughter. Rhoda, your connection on so many levels with your dogs speaks clearly to your commitment for caring and nurturing and when appropriate, grieving, but you are always striving for a deeper understanding. You convey to the reader your sense of joy and happiness when you are with your many Newfie ‘children’.”
          - John Boyd, South Padre Island, TX
“The book was with the rest of my mail when I picked it up yesterday. By far the best thing in the pile!”
          - Deborah Robinson, Syracuse, NY
“We got your book, thank you so much. Love it already. Although I do have to fight with my husband to get it.”
          - Raye Kopci, Concord, CA
“Just reading the first few paragraphs has made me cry thinking about (our late Newf) Dodger.”
          - Georgia Jensen, San Clemente, CA
“Could not put it down. I simply adore it and will make it the gift for dog lovers birthday’s Christmas, etc in 2003. Rhoda’s description of emotions was remarkable. I shed more than a tear or two! What a great book, one to read over and over again. We are loyal fans.”
          - Donna and Billy Romer, East Williston, NY
“We received your book and it was wonderful.”
          - Jessica and Steve Gullberg, Florrisant, MO
“I have received the book and am half way through – cannot put it down. Thanks so much.”
          - Ann Filsinger, Ventura, CA
“I did receive my mom’s book today. She’s going to love it! What a great Mother’s Day gift. Thank you.”
          - Amy Hinman, Grey Eagle, MN
“I wanted to thank you for writing such a tender book about a tender breed of dogs. Thanks again for a lovely tribute.”
          - Sue Niethammer, Stillwater, MN
“I received the book. It’s wonderful! Thanks so much.”
          - Pat Berona, Alta Loma, CA
“Your book has been received and there is a (waiting) line to read it, my 10 year old boy being the first to get his hands on it. Beautiful pictures!!”
          - John O’Connell, Ireland
“I heard about your book from another friend.  She read your book and loved it—and so recommended it.”
          - Joel Tobias, Medford, OR
“Read it straight through – an amazing experience. Now passed on to dear husband for him to enjoy.”
          - Sheila Hunt, Palo Alto, CA

Description l Excerpt l Publisher's Note l Critic Reviews l Reader Reviews

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